Miraculously cured of gluten allergies

Miraculously cured of gluten allergies

Jity’s Story

Hi, my name is Jity and I am honored to share my story with you. It happened when I was four years old. I remember myself as a little girl sitting on toilet with a bowl in my hands. My legs were shaking. I was exhausted. I vomited and had diarrhea. It was horrible. I don’t like to remember that.

I had to go to the hospital, where I underwent several tests including neck hose.

It has been confirmed that I am allergic to gluten and I have to follow a gluten-free diet. Doctor told me I have to follow this diet for the rest of my life and that I will not be healthy ever again. 

At that moment, it all got complicated. My mum had to cook special meals for me. Whenever we went somewhere, she brought a lot of pastries with her. When I went to camp, she had to come with me to cook for me. It was all difficult, especially the checkups. I hated them. Blood draws made me sick. As a kid I didn´t have a strong will so I have break the diet a lot. I couldn’t resist all that delicious pastry and cakes. I really loved everything that contained gluten. It always caught up with me and I spent hours in the toilet vomiting and having diarrhea. Over and over again. It was horrible.  

Six years after that my dad has believed in Jesus Christ. He found a Christian church to which he took our whole family. After a while, they learned about my illness and were willing to pray for me. I agreed and I was thrilled that they were interested in me and that they want meto be healthy. Then I broke my diet again. I was expecting to be sick again but nothing happened. I’ve broke it more than once but I wasn´t sick at all.

I went for a checkup and doctor told me that it is admirable that the results improved rapidly. At the next check-up he told me that I was healthy and that I didn’t have to come again.

It was liberating. It was a miracle and a relief for me. Suddenly I knew God was alive and that He and that prayer caused it.

I would like to encourage you not to be sad when you have an illness or other suffering. Because there is a God who is alive and powerful. For whom nothing is impossible. And who wants to heal you from all illnesses and difficulties. He wants you to be happy. Suddenly I have a God with whom I can walk every day who lifts me when I fall. He gives me strength for every day. He gives me hope and joy. I wish each of you could feel the same.

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