Are the stories real?

Yes, the stories are based on the actual events of the authors, whose testimony is captured in videos, podcasts and textbooks. In some cases, the text is different from the video or podcast to match the English spellings and common sentence structure, but the meaning of the story is left in it.

Who is behind it?

The STORY316 project is run by the Apostolic Church of the Czech Republic. The implementation team is published in the contacts.

I have my story

If you want to share your story of how Jesus Christ affected your life, please contact us.

Form of communication

The way we communicate stories (without indications that this is religious content) has its reasons. We want people to know stories that might never reach them because they are hindered by externally engraved socialist propaganda or other obstacles to their worldview today. However, people gradually (and often blindly) accepted their worldview on many things from their surroundings. However, their opinion and prejudices are unfounded. For most of us, we have not proved the truth of our beliefs about many of the things we believe in, including our faith in Jesus Christ. That is why we do not talk about God directly in the title of the stories, in the annotations, or in the advertisement, so that people can discover the story of individuals without undue prejudice and what lies behind it, what role God plays in their lives. However, everywhere on the web we state that the project is sponsored by the Apostolic Church of the Czech Republic. We hope that you will think about your worldview on faith in Jesus Christ in a new light and go into the depths of how faith or your unbelief really is today.

How to support

If you want to support the STORY316 project financially, then we publish payment details in the Contact us section. Include your e-mail in the payment report so that we can send you a gift certificate and you can deduct it from your taxes in the annual tax return (a self-employed person does it himself, the employee must present the certificate to his employer’s accountant).

If you want to join the story team as a Christian and you have something to offer (your skills, ideas), contact us at info@story316.cz.

Otherwise, you can freely share and spread the stories. This is also a great support for the project.

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