He saw the appearance of a white radiant figure, and it changed his life

He saw the appearance of a white radiant figure, and it changed his life

Bob’s Story

It started when I found my girlfriend, Zdeňka, during my military service. I really enjoyed my military life then: freedom, girls, alcohol, cigarettes. That was the best for me. Zdeňka started to tell me about God but I didn’t want to listen. Two issues occurred during my military service, which stayed in my mind. First, I stole a car and ran away with it. Even before the lawsuit I committed another crime, I was selling military material. I was found guilty and was about to go to prison. But God already had my life in His hands even though I didn’t know him then. 

I returned home from the military service and I started to watch porn. It was midnight when I turned the VCR player on. But then, God came to me. 

Even though we lived on the 3rd floor, I saw a white figure behind the window. His light illuminated my entire room. It really touched me so I turned the video off and I started to pray. 

I don’t know how I prayed because I didn’t know how to do it. I was confessing my sins and I asked God to clean my heart because I was really dirty inside.  And God cleaned me indeed. I knew in my heart the next day in the morning that I’m different. So I ran to Zdeňka, she’s been my wife for 27 years, and I told her how I met Jesus. 

Things started to change. I didn’t go to prison but I was given a three-year suspended sentence. I know it was planned by God. I would wish to everyone that he or she could meet Jesus because He gave His life for us, as it can be found in John 3:16. I wish everyone could direct their life to the Lord, turn it upside down and change it. When you say: God, show yourself to me, He will. 

I have my own personal experience and I would never change it with anything.   

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