He helped her heal and he can help you too

He helped her heal and he can help you too

Jana’s Story

My name is Jana Průdková and I would like to share with you a situation from my life in which I believe God acted.

It was a year ago when my gynecologist told me I have a small cyst in the ovary. It started to grow a lot so my doctor had recommended surgery to me. I prayed the whole time because I believe that God heals. As he healed once, so he heals today. During one of the prayers, I experienced a strange thing: I saw myself moving from the hospital wheelchair to the operating table. The strange thing was that I was smiling.

From this I concluded that God wanted to heal me this way and that I shouldn’t be afraid. So I agreed to the surgery.

 I underwent surgery and everything was alright. I went back home.

I went for a checkup after 14 days thinking about my return to work. Unfortunately, the doctor had bad news for me. He told me I had to have another surgery because when I was having the last one doctors discovered not only a cyst, but also a small tumor. It was hidden and could not be seen on the ultrasound. I was shocked. I did not expect further surgery or treatment. I had to deal with it because my mom and my husband’s parents died with a cancer diagnosis.

Then I called my husband to pick me up. I was wondering how to tell him about my situation. It wasn’t easy for us and we both had to deal with it. Then when we were at home my husband remembered he had a verse card about next year for me. When I looked up the verse in the Bible I was very struck.

Jesus was speaking directly to me. It was written there: “Do not fear what you are about to suffer. You will have tribulation for 10 days, but if you are faithful, I will give you the crown of life.”

 It was amazing and proof that God knows about me. Not only does he know exactly about my situation, but he also knows what awaits me next. A wave of gratitude, peace and happiness swept over me. Today is one year after my first operation and I can look with both gratitude and joy at what I have been through that year.

If you are in a similar situation, I would like to encourage you to turn to God with confidence and he will act in that situation.

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