She had an ideal but empty life, but in the end she found fulfillment

She had an ideal but empty life, but in the end she found fulfillment

Kristýna’s Story

My name is Kristýna Bradová and I would like to share with you what God has done for me and why  I believe in him. I grew up in a great and loving family where I always felt accepted, I was good at school and I had this almost perfect life. But I still had a desire to find out why I am here on Earth.

In my family it was not common to talk about faith, I had a free choice, but it was something intimate for us that we didn’t talk about. So after some time when I was still in secondary school I decided to start finding the truth. The first place I went to was a church, and I wanted to find the truth there. But there I found it was more about religion, which didn’t suit me and I didn’t understand it, so I thought it’s just not for me and it has nothing to offer me. So then I decided to start finding somewhere else.

It started quite innocently with interest in homeopathy and natural medicine but as time passed by I got more into magic and occultism. All of this was an attempt to fill an empty place in my life and fill the desire for something more. In those years I tried almost everything, but nothing fulfilled me the way I wanted. 

On top of that after being disappointed in a relationship I started to struggle with mental anorexia.

For a while it got really serious. I did not menstruate and I weighed only about 45 kilograms. The people surrounding me started to worry about me, however I never wanted to admit it. But one day when I was looking at myself I saw how I really looked. I saw myself skinny, full of medical problems and depressed, and in that moment I realised I didn’t want to die. I didn’t even have to say it out loud, just the thought was enough for me to realise something touching me and I felt this warm feeling. Slowly I started to accept myself and slowly I also started to recover and get free from mental anorexia, and this was an amazing thing that happened to me.

After a few years I went to a Christian English camp and there for the first time in my life I found out that God wants to have a relationship with us. That it’s not only about some rules and prohibitions, but it’s about how God decided that he wants to have a personal relationship with me. And that was something completely revolutionary for me, but it took me one more year to decide to take it seriously and enter into the relationship with God. That happened at an English camp in Valašské Meziřící and there I decided to get into the relationship fully. Even though it’s been many years since that happened and my life has not always been easy and I still face problems, I would never change that decision.

God gives me joy, security and most importantly the empty place in my heart is now filled and nothing can change that. 

God gave me an amazing husband and an amazing baby on the way. He gave me hope and joy for life and this is for everyone, not only for someone chosen or special. It’s for everyone so you don’t have to be afraid. It really is the only thing that helped me and which I believe can’t let anyone down.

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