An adventurous journey worthwhile

An adventurous journey worthwhile

Soňa’s Story

Hello, my name is Soňa Ševelová and I come from a small village near Hodonin which is in South Moravia. I heard about God and church at grammar school where I had to attend Religion class. I didn’t attend regularly because I didn’t really enjoy this class. When someone said Christianity, I immediately saw a church and cross. Somebody was hanging on this cross and it didn’t really make any sense to me why he was hanging there and basically religion didn’t make any sense to me at all.

When I started high school, all of my weekends were full of parties with many friends and alcohol. I didn’t realize that I was running away from reality and from the pain that I had experienced because of my family. I have an amazing family, I love them very much, but we suffer from a great burden that we have to carry.

It’s because of my dad’s mental illness. He has suffered from bipolar disorder since he was 20 years old. Because I grew up in this environment it was very difficult for me.

I dealt with feelings of sadness, depression and I didn’t understand why this was happening to me and my family.

I got to know God thanks to one girl whom I met at the end of my high school studies. Right after our first conversation I knew this girl was different from others. She was always laughing, and she cared for others in a way I didn’t really understand. I really liked it. I liked the way she was thinking about God. Her interpretation of God was so different from what I’d heard before. So I started to think about God more.

I started to read the Bible and I tried to pray, and it was great. But I still didn’t want to give my life to God.

Once I was at Kristfest – one Christian festival. I was tired of running away from God, so I told God I would like to get to know him better and that if he isn’t real than I want to know, but if he is real I truly want to commit to him. He answered my prayers. There and then I found out that God is real, and he is amazing.

I gave my life to Jesus there and since then I am on the path with him. And all I can tell is that the path is super adventurous, sometimes difficult, but it is all worth it.

I’ve realized that God is not someone very old floating on clouds or a super strict boss, but he is your closest friend, he is your dad and you can tell him everything.

To live life with him is great. God is my best friend. He is a great man who is always close. So, if you think about God, keep doing so because it’s worth it. God is worthy. 

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