She kept rolling, but then liberation came

She kept rolling, but then liberation came

Maruška’s Story

Hello, my name is Mary and I grew up in a Christian family. Since I was a little girl my mum was reading stories from Bible to me, she prayed with me and sang Christian songs to me before I went to bed. Although I liked my childhood memories, faith became more and more distant to me. I believed that there was God, but I was looking for the meaning of life in relationships that were not fulfilling me as I expected.

 I started to enjoy life in my way. It included alcohol, weed and parties. It was worse and worse, and nothing made sense to me.

I kept asking myself questions like, “Why do I keep doing this? What do I get out of it?” It was very short escape out of reality. But I felt bigger and bigger loneliness. I was also tangled in one relationship from which I didn’t see any way out. I let others to manipulate me and I felt bigger and bigger desperation. I didn’t know what to do and I started to question the existence of God as well.

In all of this I broke my leg by accident riding a skateboard. I had to spent two months with my parents. It was time where I could stop and think about life. Nothing made any sense to me; I was spinning in circles and didn’t know what to do.

In this time my cousins came to our house and they wanted to go to Christian festival – UNITED. I’ve never been to any of these events before and I thought I could go with them.  My cousin introduced me to one tattooed guy, and this guy shared his testimony with me, and it really touched me. At the end of this he asked me if there was anything I wanted to pray for.  I told him I would like to know God the same way he knew him, and we prayed for it.

After the prayer I felt calm and peace. 

When I came back home, I went to have a bath and listened to some Christian songs. Suddenly everything made sense to me, things I didn’t understand to and things that didn’t make sense to me were totally clear now. I was praying and crying but I felt God’s love the whole time. It was great. I had peace and fantastic quietness in my soul. 

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