An addict and a dealer who has changed

An addict and a dealer who has changed



Petr’s Story

Hello, my name is Petr Vaněk. I am from Český Těšín and I’d like to tell you a few words about how Jesus Christ changed my life. 

I was always a lively and active child, I was interested in everything but I had behavioural issues. I left my professional training program and I started to work in steelworks. I had a lot of friends there, we went to a pub and drank beer, we smoked and went tramping. That was my lifestyle. 

I started to have big problems when I returned from the military service. I met a group of girls who asked me if I wanted to try crystal meth. I had no idea what it was, but I said yes.


I injected the crystal meth right into my vein and soon I became an addict.

Because I had a flat, it soon started to serve as a meeting place for addicts, we started to produce drugs, sell them, we were also stealing. I lived like this for about three years. 

I got into big troubles, I was prosecuted and later found guilty of production and distribution of drugs. 

Once, when I was going through some treatment, a christian friend approached me with the Bible. I told him there was no help for me, but he told me that Jesus could help me. I started to read the Bible when he left. I was fascinated by Jesus’s words in the Beatitudes when he said  blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I believed the words and God touched me supernaturally. My life changed at that moment. I experienced God’s healing and I could start to think normally. 

Not long after this, I got into the Teen Challenge community which helps drug addicts. I spend my time in Tyra, I finished the program and I spend some time after it here in Poland. Then, I started to attend medical secondary school. I finished school and continued with the additional program of the college of social work. 

Now, I work in social services.


It has been twenty-three years since I left taking drugs and I never want to take them again. My life could change thanks to my faith and I’m going in a different direction now. 

I go to the Pentecostal Church in Český Těšín, and I help in Teen Challenge. I would love to wish to all people struggling with addictions that they may overcome it, not just drugs but all problems they face. I’m Christian and I believe that Jesus Christ and our faith in Him can help us to get from every problem. 


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