He was dumb after a neck injury … he can talk again miraculously.

He was dumb after a neck injury … he can talk again miraculously.

John’s Story

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My high school years were pretty wild. My fundamental motto was “Have Fun!”. So at that time, I tried everything that a teenager could try. 

I tried to have as much fun as I could, and I was also addicted to games as I have realised today,  and also to pornography. At that time, the most important thing to me

were my friends and what they thought. And because of that, I misbehaved at home because my parents usually had different opinions.

I began to mountain bike with a bunch of my friends, which was something that I liked a lot.

It really grabbed me. We biked in the woods, jumped, and did all kinds of things.

One day, I decided to try a big jump. And…it didn’t really work. Instead of flying over a dug out hole, I hit the edge and hit my neck on the handlebars.

I knew something was probably wrong. I was spitting out blood. But at the same time, I was able to function normally. So I got on my bike, rode home, and went to the hospital afterwards. I went there and the doctor checked my neck and he found it was actually in three pieces, and he said that he needed to operate on it immediately.

At that moment, it dawned on me. I was in a real mess so I began to pray, because… it was probably the only thing I was felt to do at the moment.

After my prayer, I was filled with a special peace. Somehow, I began to feel it wasn’t the end of my story.

I spent several hours in the operating room,  and after I recovered from the anesthesia, the doctors came and told me that the surgery was successful.

But, unfortunately they couldn’t do it in such a way that I would ever be able to speak again. My vocal cords were torn off and deformed.

So I was sitting on the hospital bed, thinking about what it would be like to not be able to speak again. At that moment, I grabbed my phone and found a text.

I don’t even know who sent it, but there was one verse from the Bible that said that I would not die. 

I will live and speak about what God has done in my life.

Several weeks after the surgery, I began to speak.  I sounded like Darth Vader from Star Wars, but I was speaking.

And when I began to speak again, it meant even more to me, because… I took it like… not only did God give me a second chance,

but he also wants me to somehow speak about Him and to follow Him. So God really began to change my life in many ways.

He began to change the way I behave in relationships and especially at home in my family.

He began to change me in the way I use my time and also when it comes to my addiction to pornography.

God gave me a new joy in life and made me aware that it has purpose, that I’m still here, and that my life has value. Jesus, to me, is someone I can have a close relationship with.

He is someone who saved me and… not just once.

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