He stopped wasting his life, thanks to his love

He stopped wasting his life, thanks to his love

Pavel’s Story

I was 15 years old when I had to decide what to do with my life. But I didn’t know what. I was the type of person who decided which high school to study at just according to which high school my friends chose. I didn’t know what my future was going to look like. I was always looking for the meaning of life and I tried stuff like The Law of Attraction.

Once I heard my friend talking about Jesus Christ. It touched me very deeply but didn’t change me. Some time after this, I was invited to a Christian youth convention and I would miss a day of school, so that was fine with me. I went there and saw Christians worshipping God with raised hands. It seemed weird to me. I met one girl there and she started to talk to me about her relationship with God. It seemed weird to me as well, but I was impressed by some passages from the Bible that she showed me, and she told me these were her favourite passages that helped her.

Once we were sitting on a bench and she asked me to pray with her. I didn’t know what to say so I said, “God, if you exist please let there be no war and let people love each other.” That was the first thing that came to my mind. At this event, I also heard a preacher talk about his life, that he wasn’t a believer and he had everything he could in his life, the same as I did. He kept saying that he had Christian friends around him who kept saying how amazing God was.

He couldn’t resist so he also started to look for God and said, “God if you are so cool, let me know you.” 

This stayed in my mind and I said to myself, “This will raise me up!” Because God is almighty and says things like if we ask him for anything, he will give it to us. I started to pray there. It wasn’t very natural for me, but I tried. I was waiting for some sign from God Almighty. I tried four times and nothing happened. I wanted to give up, but I think this is God’s sense of humour, because when I wanted to give up, I asked God to touch me somehow in my spirit.

Suddenly a hand laid on me, and in a moment a second, third, fourth and fifth hand laid on me as well. In this moment five random people, hands, I don’t really know, were praying for me. It was a great euphoria and before I opened my eyes and turned to see who was praying for me, the pastor came to me and said, “Pavel, I have a word from God for you.”

It was for the first time that God has communicated with me. It was because I was looking for it. The guy told me, “God has an amazing plan for you and he will reveal it step by step if you follow him. 

Maybe you wouldn’t be able to handle it all if he revealed it fully now. But believe me, if you decide to follow Christ, it will be the best decision of your life.” He spoke into my heart back then and something changed inside me. The Bible describes it as being born of the Spirit.

I went back to where I was before, where my friends were. We were partying etc. But I couldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t have peace with it. I had someone here who kept telling me, “Don’t go this way.”

Even though it hasn’t always been easy, I would like to encourage every one of you that God is here. He hasn’t forgotten you. He is ready to hear your prayers, to show you he loves you and that he is here. His promise is that if we seek him, he will let us find him. Try God, try his promises and if you open your heart to him, you will know more than you’d ever expected. You will know the real God. Fingers crossed. Be blessed. 

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